Tuesday, September 19, 2006


It appears that today at least Amazon is offering Shriek in hardcover and City in the Bantam trade paper for $27.50!! If anyone's interested.

I'm buried in "The Appogiatura of John Finch", an Ambergris story I thought was going to be about 7,000 words but is probably going to top out between 15,000 and 30,000 words. So sorry for delays to posting and delays to responding to email. Well, not too freakin' sorry. This is the first fiction I've written this year--and it feels great!!!


Evil Monkey: I love fictions like this.

Jeff: Hey, how do you know it's fiction.

Evil Monkey: It might be true, but it reads like fiction.

Jeff: Do you think HE wrote it himself?

Evil Monkey: "Tiny but hostile". Puffery. Cajolery. This is the most heated little lawsuit I've seen, and I've had my share.

Jeff: Yeah, you're right.

Evil Monkey: Very entertaining.

Jeff: Really sad.

Evil Monkey: Entertaining.

Jeff: Sad.

Evil Monkey: Entertaining.

Jeff: Sad.

Evil Monkey: Sad-taining then?

Jeff: Just sad.


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