Saturday, October 28, 2006


In the fury of deadlines, I completely forgot to blog about the Tallahassee Shriek event at the 621 Gallery. It was a great event. The art already in the gallery totally fit the mood of Shriek and the re-edited Shriek movie got an excellent response. I'm also happy about the video installation art exhibit of art by Scott Eagle, Steve Kilbey, Eric Schaller, Hawk Alfredson, and Myrtle Vondamitz III. People really enjoyed it--we were able to project it on a very large screen. (These are all artists who have inspired my fiction or have done work for my books or both.)

We had a very good turn-out (like, 70 plus) and sold a lot of books--thanks to Tracee at Borders. Thanks also to Mark Wingenfeld of Kathmandu Booksfor coming up from Orlando for the event

The Tallahassee Democrat did article before the event that you can read here. Thanks to Mark Hinson and the Democrat for their continued support.

And thanks to my wife, Ann, who planned most of it and who continues to be just, well, cute, effective, and fierce.



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