Sunday, October 22, 2006


I've been gearing up for the big Shriek book release party here in town. It's at 5pm tonight and so far it's not clear if it'll be cool and clear or rainy or rainy and muggy or clear and muggy. I also always live in fear of nobody coming to these kinds of things, although every event of this type that I've had in Tallahassee has been a huge success.

Anyway, I've been boring because I've been busy.

- Just turned in my latest Bookslut column, a review of Best American Comics with a short interview of Rebecca Dart, whose RabbitHead I just LOVE.

- Also turned in "American Fantasy?" to Postscripts.

- About to turn in my first SF Site column.

- About to finish my "Appogiatura" story for the Bantam spelling bee antho.

- Next week, I have an article to do for Locus on my trip through Europe and an introduction to Dick and Jane, an anthology being put out by the British Fantasy Society.

Then, it's time to gear up for the World Fantasy party Jay Lake, Daniel Abraham, and I are sponsoring that Saturday night.

After that, I'm giving myself to the end of December to hunker down and finish "The Appoggiatura of John Finch," which will top out somewhere between 50,000 and 70,000 words.

And then, after that, I'll dive right into another novel while doing edits to "John Finch."

I've got a few months clear of events and it's time to get serious about the writing.



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