Thursday, October 12, 2006


"An Abridged Bestiary of American Fantasy: An Overview" for Postscripts, as an editorial.

"Appoggiatura," a story for the Bantam spelling bee antho that riffs off of all the other words used by writers. (Damn you, Jay Lake, for using "transept".)

"The Appoggiatura of John Finch," a novella/novella set in Ambergris. Got about 25,000 words now.

Adventures in the Ink Trade #1, a column for SF Site, featuring a video interview with a French editor, a print interview with Jonathan Strahan, and much more.

Second Comics Column for Bookslut, featuring a review of Best American Comics and an interview with the remarkable Rebecca Dart.

And there's some other intro I'm supposed to do and I've lost the thread. Oh well. I'll know soon enough.



At 10:14 AM, Anonymous Jay Lake said...

Once again, I have Used My Powers For Good™

At 6:00 AM, Anonymous Paul Jessup said...

PostScripts? Excellent. I love PostScripts- and have a subscription (as well as two short stories slated to be in next year). You know what issue that will be in yet? We might be sharing a TOC :)


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