Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I've been a huge fan of Tanyo Ravicz's fiction ever since he contributed a story to Leviathan 1. It's still one of my favorite pieces published in the Leviathan series.

Since then, Tanyo has had a couple of books out, the most recent of which is A Man of His Village. This is the description from Tanyo's website:

Florentino Cruz takes one last job before he heads home to Mexico. He left his village at the age of fifteen, a migrant farm worker dreaming of love, honor, and riches, and he's been running from his past ever since. He accepts a promising job in Alaska, the magnificent climax to his years of toil in the United States. But the expedition collapses in mutiny and murder, leaving Florentino lost and fleeing for his life through a fire-ravaged wilderness.

A Man of His Village occupies the epic terrain of the West, from the borderlands of California to the strawberry fields of Oregon, from urban Seattle to rural Mexico, from the crowded slums of Tijuana to the isolation of the Alaskan bush. This is a novel of pride and redemption, the voyage of a passionate soul out of innocence across a continental landscape of exploitation and betrayal.

Tanyo's prose is really tight yet imaginative. Not to mention unflinching and honest. He's a very underrated writer and he deserves much more exposure.

So give his website a look-see and order the novel if you like what you read.



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At 2:33 AM, Blogger Freudian Slip said...

Tanyo is very underrated! I'm a big fan and glad to see you acknowledging Tanyo here :)

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