Wednesday, December 13, 2006


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This is probably for hardcover fans, but--we've acquired some covers from the original Prime edition of City of Saints, the one with the story on the cover. The Prime edition is out of print, but there ain't nuthin' wrong with sellin' the cover as a poster, suitable for framing. At least, that's what we're doing with the thing. It's pretty gorgeous.

These will be carefully rolled up and tubed and sent to you. It's $10 plus $4 shipping and handling (the tube itself costs $1.50 plus) inside the US. If you order more than one poster, it'll still fit in the same tube, so no extra postage charges. Orders outside of the US, of course, postage will be more. Email Ann at buzzcity @ to paypal her the money or to ask for more details. I'm happy to sign the other side of the thing if you like, and draw a drawing of stupendous insanity...

Also, for those wondering about their secret lives order--the damn thing finally goes to the printer this week.



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