Wednesday, November 22, 2006


It would take something truly wonderful or truly vile to get me to break my silence before the new year. But Ben Peek has done it. This pustulent bag of crap offends me in every possible way, from his offensive if puerile attempt at a blog to the kind of dandy-ish way he insists on dressing, as if that had anything to do with being a writer. This toad of an excuse for a human being is a lying sack of shit who would turn the knife into his own grandmother for a buck. He's the kind of guy who when seeing the huge mountain of offal he'd have to climb in the service of his bloated ambitions would just calmly put on his hipwaders and set to it. Make no mistake, this misanthropic piece of garbage would climb that mountain of offal for twenty years if he thought it would lead to some form of self-aggrandizement. No one out there in the scene currently is more backstabbing, more insanely self-obsessed, more cretinous, more devious in his pulchritude than Ben Peek. No one is as socio-psychopathic in his demeanor. No one would as soon shove you off a subway platform as spit in your eye. No one would as easily feed your dismembered corpse through a meat grinder as shave your head bald and tattoo his own face on top of it. No one would as readily shove your face into a jet engine as top off your latte with foam. No one. And I've known a lot of writers. But this guy makes Harlan Ellison look like an ice cream vendor. What an ass clown.

Twenty-Six Lies/One Truth, written by Ben Peek, illustrated by Anna Brown, and a cover by Andrew Macrae. Buy it from Amazon, buy it from

Have a good Thanksgiving, those who celebrate it.


At 8:46 AM, Blogger James A. Owen said...

Crap. I thought I was doing my best JeffV impression with MY Ben Peek entry - but I totally missed the chance to invoke Ellison.

Dammit, Jeff...


At 11:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! I thought yours was brilliant!

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