Thursday, February 15, 2007


No, I'm not talking about the pirate anthology. This summer I will be one of the instructors at Clarion in San Diego. My week is July 2 - 7. (My birthday is the 7th, so I expect presents! No, no really.) Clarion is intensive and intense. It's also a really good way to jump-start your writing. I promise you WILL write. You will write a lot. Do you know why? Because it's a writing workshop, not your grandma's knitting club.

Not feeling challenged enough. Well, check out the list of other instructors and associated information on the Clarion blog.

For Clarion I am unveiling a whole new set of writing strategies, techniques, and exercises. If you go, you will learn.

And you know what? It'll also be the most fun you can have in life. So apply, apply, apply.

I quit my job to go to Clarion. I walked through five thousand miles of broken glass in flipflops to get there. I ate the soles of my shoes for sustenance in week four. In week five, I was in a canoe with Dale Bailey, Nathan Ballingrud (unless memory defeats me), and Luke O'Grady that overturned in a raging river. I lost my shoes, but lived when Luke pulled us all out of the river. (Er, this is actually true.)

So, what's your excuse for not going?