Sunday, September 04, 2005


As I've mentioned previously, this blog is going to change a bit very soon. I'm spread a little thin between the VanderWorld Report, multiple websites, and this blog. So I'm making this blog the central location for news and info about my books and appearances. (Although will continue to have info updated on its homepage.)

That information will be contained in sidebars so you won't have to read it if you don't want to. The main focus of the blog will still be the blog entries themselves, of course. The VanderWorld Report will become more of an irregular e-newsletter sent out to subscribers to make them aware of special offers and whatnot. But the book, movie, and music reviews usually contained in the VanderWorld Report will instead be posted on this blog.

Until the change happens, however, I will be posting a few more entries than usual about my own work, and reviews/commentary on that work. For example, Clare Dudman has just blogged about Shriek.

Anyway, I think readers will like the changes overall. They certainly make it easier for people wanting information on my work to find it in one place.



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