Thursday, September 15, 2005


The German edition of City of Saints & Madmen is now out from Klett-Cotta in Germany. I received my author copies this week, and it is a gorgeous book that lovingly and faithfully reproduces the layouts, illustrations, and intent of the original (expanded) edition.

I spent many hours answering the questions of translator Erik Simon, whose dedication, eye for detail, and patience I must publicly acknowledge. (Erik's close reading resulted in finding and correcting a few errors in time for the Bantam edition here in the U.S. next year.) My editor in Germany, Hannes Riffel, is wonderful to work with, and the people at Klett-Cotta are first-class all the way.

City of Saints looks set to do very well in Germany. Klett-Cotta has had some rather amazing posters of the front cover printed, and a full-page ad ran in the German version of Publishers Weekly. In addition, Mark Roberts at Chimeric has revised the City of Saints "trailer" for the German market. You can view it here. A wonderful job, as usual.

It's very curious to see City of Saints translated into another language, just because I know it's a mammoth undertaking. And it's very satisfying to see it done so well and to know that somewhere in Germany a reader is looking at the cover on a book table and wondering, "What is this?" And, hopefully, intrigued by it.



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