Sunday, February 26, 2006



Juha Lindroos is directing and doing the cinematography for the Shriek movie. Juha is also doing a lot of work with the script, helping me get it into shape. The Church are still on board to do the original music for the piece.

Mark Roberts will be creating the Shriek website, which should go live by the end of April, with any luck.

City of Saints & Madmen is out from Bantam on Tuesday and I will be posting Tuesday morning with all of the exciting news about the launch.

Some people have asked where I got Slattery and Ungdom, the names of the merchants in the novella The Cage (City of Saints). I got them from this CD, which is absolutely harrowing and bizarre. I used it to channel the gray caps in Shriek quite a bit. Some of the tracks have mushroom dweller written all over them.

This is one of the only things that comes up when you type “mushroom dwellers” into Google’s image search.


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