Sunday, February 19, 2006


Kevin de Groot of Leopardskin Nuclear Bomber (and formerly lead guitarist for the seminal punk outfit Kronstadt Uprising, in addition to several other bands) emailed me yesterday to share the mp3 of a new song by his band called "The Silence" inspired by some of the stories in City of Saints & Madmen.

I like it a lot--it's a good metal song, and they've even got a really creepy section where it sounds like gray caps speech. I think they really got how the Silence in the Ambergris books is about events in our world as much as anything else. The song isn't available on the internet yet or on CD, but a forthcoming EP will include it, and I'm hoping to have a sample from it up on the Shriek website (which will go live in a couple of months).

In the meantime, you can hear some their other songs here. I particularly like "Don't Need You Now" and "17 Days".

I also wonder if they got their name from this art?

In any event, I'm thinking about ways to incorporate Kevin and the band into the next Ambergris novel. (He's given me some excellent ideas.) That's how it works. Nobody escapes Ambergris...Bwaahaaahaaa...



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