Sunday, March 26, 2006


It's celebrate Nick Mamatas, uh, evening! Er, uh, hour!

Anyway, I love Nick because although he's ruthless and sometimes even mean in his online persona (a complete softie in person), he tells it like it is and he's also absolutely hilarious and often spot-on in his analysis.

Lately, he's been killing with his posts even more than usual, in particular these three gems. Great stuff. I agree with about 99.9% of it. So does Evil Monkey!


On The Recent Spate of Writing Advice

You're not gonna be raped by some pomo homo boho hobo if you acknowledge that some people, somewhere, might actually write well and even write successfully while wearing black or living cheaply off of writing or getting his or her mail delivered to a café.

On the Hugos

Best (Horrible) Related Book
SHOULD win: No award, and random nominee plucked from audience and disemboweled for Ba'al. WILL win: Workshop by Kate Wilhelm. This is like getting a gold (plated) watch and a ham dinner at the Lion's Club for having perfect attendance at your library job for fifty years.

On V for Vendetta

V is great. He's improperly socialized and rather self-involved. He is imperfect, a trickster rather than a father spirit guide. He stumbles a bit, watches old movies and fences with himself like an excited kid. He gets shy around the girly Evey (Natalie Portman) and can't ask her to dance at first, but has no problem torturing her to bring her through the next level of enlightenment.


At 1:25 PM, Blogger Joe Gordon said...

Perhaps V's torture of Evey is just an extreme variation on the old advice of if you are a little scared around someone imagine them in their underpants or on the loo. But since he is so terribly shy he decides to build a replica of a concentration camp and torture her. Still, it is important for the health of a relationship that couples should do things together.


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