Thursday, January 08, 2004


At first, I thought about resolving in 2004 to not write any nonfiction, including blog entries, postings on message boards, etc. It was a very attractive resolution in theory. I need to focus on my fiction and jettison anything not connected to the fiction. But could I actually do it? Probably not. So my new resolution is to stay away from blogs, messageboards, etc., as much as possible for the first quarter of 2004. As a result, there will probably be little activity here on a weekly basis--maybe every month or six weeks. I might even abandon this blog altogether. I'm not sure yet.

I've completed two stories in the last month and am at last gearing back up on SHRIEK: AN AFTERWORD. Here's hoping I finish the damn thing soon.

Oh yes--and a 2003 year's best list at Fantastic Metropolis.