Wednesday, May 03, 2006


One of our finest writers is getting an appreciation over on the LitBlog.

My contribution concerns bullshit:

The point of this story is that the reaction to "bullshit" was so overwhelmingly positive that for awhile it became a catch phrase for Jeff. And for some reason, I was always around when it was said. We had books coming out from Pan Macmillan at the same time and so we did a few events in England together. In London, I can't remember the exact context, but the scene itself must have been classic. We were sitting on this leather couch at a Borders as part of the Cadigan reading series. Jeff had perched strategically on the edge of the monstrosity, while I'd sat back and was now trapped in the folds of the damn thing. A question was asked. I gave a thoughtful, long, probably a bit precious response. Jeff's answer to the same question was "I think that's bullshit." Again to enthusiastic reaction.

And don't forget to check out Matt Cheney's heart-warming Ford tale.



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