Friday, June 30, 2006


(Image by Eric Schaller)

Yes, it is true: Ann and I have launched King Squid Productions to cover video and movie projects. We'll have a logo soon, promise.

What will this cover over the next couple of years?

- The Shriek movie
- A Rough Guide to Ambergris short-short movie
- A documentary about the book business focusing on Shriek
- A short film called "The Zamilon File"
- A longer, more ambitious animated feature called "Slattery and Ungdom in Paradise"

We're also planning on hosting a SF/Fantasy short films festival here in Tallahassee, probably in December.



At 7:35 PM, Anonymous Ann V. said...

Jeff, I leave the house to get groceries and when I return, we are launching a film production company????

At 6:18 PM, Blogger Ethan said...

I took a stab at a logo, just for fun.


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