Sunday, June 11, 2006


Note: 9:50pm Sunday added books to our bookselling blog by Michael Bishop, Chris Roberson, LeBrutto, M. John Harrison, Fergus Fleming, Greg Ketter, John Brunner, Nicholas A. Basbanes, Iain M. Banks, Michael Connelly, and Cordwainer Smith, below, for those who already checked earlier Sunday. (Most under Special Editions.)

Yes, it's that time again...It's time to purge the house of extra copies and used books we don't need any more. Between reviewer copies and copies for various judging assignments, we have as many as four or five copies of some books. In many cases, we are donating books to libraries, but that still leaves us with a ton of stuff that we must remove from the house so we don't have to wade through books to get from, say, the kitchen to the couch (important during World Cup).

Also, we're gearing up for our European book tour, and although much of it is comp'd, some is not. Your support very much appreciated and helpful. Most importantly--ya get cool books!!

The sale is taking place on our bookselling blog:

Terms and Conditions

New Books Just Added (divided into VanderStuff, Special Editions, Graphic Novels, Hardcovers, Trade Paperbacks)

Other Books (stuff we've had up there for awhile).

Hope you find something you like!


(Evil Monkey: "So...why've you come over all funny all of a sudden? You're kinda whiter than usual." Jeff: "I just found out that ABE is selling the two mini paperback golden boxed set of Murakami's Norwegian Wood for over $200. Sometimes a lot more than that." Evil Monkey: "You want one?" Jeff: "I HAVE one. I just didn't know it was worth that much." Evil Monkey: "More for the book sale!" Jeff: "Hell, no. I'm holding on to this one. Besides, it's a cool edition." Evil Monkey: "Nostalgia peddler!" Jeff: "Monkey!! Big honking monkey!" Evil Monkey: "Well. Guilty as charged.")


At 10:47 AM, Anonymous cleek said...

are you still planning on doing that special Shriek box set thing you mention a few weeks ago ?

At 2:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes--we'll have final info on that very soon.

At 2:30 PM, Anonymous cleek said...

excellent. thanks.

was hoping i didn't miss it.


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