Saturday, June 10, 2006


A Portuguese edition of stories will be released in July by Livros de Areia, just in time for my visit to Lisbon. Luis Rodrigues of Fantastic Metropolis has been instrumental in making this happen, and is doing the translation. The book will include:

The Transformation of Martin Lake
Secret Life
Three Days in a Border Town

It's a kind of precursor to possibly having a novel or longer story collection out in Portugal. Viva a guarda avançada!

I'm delighted to share a page with Rhys Hughes and Jerzy Kosinski, among others.

Screaming at TV during Trinidad-Tobago-Sweden game (it was a three-way!).
Screaming at TV during Argentina-Ivory Coast game.
Cracking King Crab legs a dinner.

(Evil Monkey: "Hey--here's a way to be more objective about judging books!" Jeff: "If only fiction could be counted like soup cans!" Evil Monkey: "If only novels were broccoli! You could count spoilage!" Jeff: "If only short stories were power tools! You could cut things with them!" Evil Monkey: "If only novellas were bazookas! You could blow shit up with them!" Jeff: "If only sentences were ribbons! You could wrap things up quickly!" Evil Monkey: "If only words were pancakes! I'd never go hungry again!" Jeff: "If only, if only, my friend.")


At 4:17 AM, Anonymous Safaa said...

Excellent news! I'm from Lisbon and I'm hoping to be able to attend any presentation of yours while you are here.

But tell me, does this portuguese collection means you'll be supporting Portugal today in the match against Angola? hehe ;)


At 5:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always support Portugal--so Luis doesn't kill me!!! LOL!



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