Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Update--forgot to blog this review of City of Saints.

Check out this comprehensive and fascinating compilation of interviews and articles put together by Samit Basu.

The great painter Scott Eagle has news on gallery showings, etc.

Also, this insight on individual new paintings.

I have been referring to this newest series of paintings as the Falling Man series.

One aspect of this series that might be of immediate interest is the framing of some of the work. I have painstakingly taken apart fold out wooden rulers, cut them into little pieces and glued them to the frames.

I have also used Erector set parts and I am now beginning work on a painting of the Toothfairy with a frame made of 30 actual dental casts. You can tell that I found Ebay. I have placed links to pictures of the frames on many of the webpages. Just click the image.

To read more about the origin of Falling Man click here

If you would like high resolution images for reviews or publicity, please let me know.

The summer online version of Rain Taxi is now available, too, including a very thoughtful and interesting review of ParaSpheres by Alan DeNiro.

Edward Morris has a story up on Amazon.

From Neddal Ayad, this art link. Also from Neddal--glow in the dark mushrooms. And this cool film/record site. And a toy company.

Cool surreal art. Also from Neddal, along with the pathology of Winnie the Pooh.

The great Print magazine.

My former co-worker, Bob Maynard, now has a blog.



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