Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Update: Also, if you haven't heard, the talented Andy Duncan has a blog now.

Shriek Movie Showings News

I've posted the currently planned European showings of Shriek on the Shriek movie blog. The movie will debut at Finncon, with previews in Lisbon and Berlin. In September, the movie will be shown at the British Fantasy Convention. I'll be booking more showings shortly.

Shriek: The Novel, Update

I've just heard that The Believer should be running a review of Shriek in their September issue.

Also, I'm firming up book tour details in the next couple of weeks.

Finally, we have about 20 orders for the Shriek limited. If you're interested, please let us know.

San Francisco Showing of Shriek--Help?

We had a showing of Shriek set for The Variety Theater, planned through Borderlands Books. The Church play in San Francisco August 20th and are eager to show up for the event in the afternoon before their concert. Alas, because the timing is so close to WorldCon, this venue has fallen through. I'm currently researching alternative venues. I'd love to find another venue, since we've got the other pieces in place: the movie itself, The Church, and a bookstore to provide copies of Shriek and Church member Steve Kilbey's book for the event. If you have any leads or information to help in this re-location effort, please let me know. The Church are playing at The Great American Music Hall, so it would be nice to find a venue relatively close by. Email me at vanderworld at hotmail.com.


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