Thursday, July 06, 2006


One of the more striking and intriguing-to-writers covers I've seen recently belongs to the Cat Sparks-edited Agog! Ripping Reads. This looks to be a very strong anthology, with work by, among others, Ben Peek, Jay Lake, Margo Lanagan, Deborah Biancotti, Anna Tambour...well, just look at the contents list below. It also contains two of my secret life stories--one funny, one kinda sad.

I strongly recommend checking this antho out. More info below.


Zee Details

Agog! Ripping Reads – Edited by Cat Sparks
Agog! Press/Prime Books 2006
Available on


Agog! Ripping Reads, edited by Cat Sparks, is an anthology of speculative fiction best described as fantasy in the broadest sense of the word. This is the sixth anthology to be published by Agog! Press and the fourth to be edited by Cat Sparks.


When the World Was Flat: Geoffrey Maloney
One Night Stand: Dirk Flinthart
1 Blue: Kim Westwood
See Here, See There: Anna Tambour
Truckdreamin: Andrew Macrae
The Secret Lives of Rick and Peggy: Jeff VanderMeer
A Pig’s Whisper: Margo Lanagan
Along Came a Spider: Simon Brown
Very Like a Whale: David J Kane
Rosebuds: Tansy Rayner Roberts
Lifelike and Josephine: Paul Haines
The Souls of Dead Soldiers are for Blackbirds, Not Little Boys: Ben Peek
Different in the Lands of Glory: Jay Lake
Daughter of the Red Cranes: Sue Isle
Stealing Free: Deborah Biancotti
Screening Test: Chris Lawson
Aftermath: David Conyers
Bladderwrack: Adam Browne
Lady Bountiful’s Lies: Cory Daniells
The Pain Threshold: Jason Nahrung
World’s Wackiest Upper Atmosphere
Re-entry Disasters Dating Game: Brendan Duffy
The Secret Live of Maria McCune: Jeff VanderMeer


"The award-winning Agog! series of anthologies has developed into the most important source for new science fiction and fantasy being published in Australia today. Editor Sparks has a wonderful eye for great stories and manages to pack each Agog! with enough variety that it's sure to offer something to please every discerning reader of science fiction and fantasy.

"Agog! Ripping Reads is the pick of the bunch, though: the best anthology in the Agog! series, with fantastic stories from Margo Lanagan, Jeff VanderMeer, Simon Brown, Deborah Biancotti, Jay Lake and others. It deserves to be counted amongst the best anthologies published anywhere in the world this year." - Jonathan Strahan, Coode Street


A podcast of Deborah Biancotti's story Stealing Free is available.

Editor Cat Sparks Being Dipped by Fellow Duran-Duran Sufferer Rob


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